Sonntag, 3. August 2008

July 26th - workshop: milk

The day before on the farm we saw where the milk comes from.
But today we learned what to make with milk in addition to drink it.

In a first and very long step we tried to seperate the cream from the milk. Therefore we put the milk one night in the fridge in very flat bowls.
The next day we siphoned the cream from the top of the milk.

That cream we used to make our own butter. Just mixed it or shakes it until the cream is getting corny and hard.

The rest of the milk we used to make a curd cheese. We heated the low-fat milk for several hours to 32° and then it became stiffly.

Now we just had to sieve it and we had a wonderful curd cheese that we also mixed with fresh fruits...

Really good food for our international brunch!

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