Freitag, 18. Juli 2008

Important phone numbers

Hello participants and parents.

If there will be any questions or emergencies during the week, or if you just want to call someone in the camp, here we have a list with the most important phone numbers:
  • phone booth in the camp: 0049-6527-933895
  • mobile of Ralf Ollinger - camp organization: 0049-175-5980089
  • EVEA - organization office: 0049-6564-930003
As a service for everybody at home, we will try to put also some new information every day on that blog with some pictures.
So you can see what is going on the Great Food project!

Lovely greetings from Germany to everybody...

Material list for the participants

Dear participants and parents,

here, just to be sure that you will not forget something important, a list with things that you should bring with you to the camp:
  • a sleeping bag
  • your personal stuff
  • shoes for sport and walking
  • sport clothes
  • a rain coat
  • a backpack
  • trinking bottle
  • towels
  • lamp
  • swim suits
  • sun cream
  • special medicine
  • health insurance
  • passport
  • Euro coins for phone booth
  • "bad weahter" games
  • 50 (?) Euro pocketmoney
  • your favourite recipe
and of course a lot of fun and high spirits :-)