Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2007

Great Food - actual program (18.07.08)

Now I can give you the program, it is fix for 98% already.
There have been only some little changes.

July 22nd: day of arrival - arriving of all groups
July 23rd: get know day - discover the location - workshop: making noodles and pesto
July 24th: visit of a bakery - workshop: fruits - sport competition
July 25th: visit of a butchery - workshop: preparing a barbecue - visit of a milk farm
July 26th: workshops milk and bread
July 27th: international brunch - walk to a lake, swimming - barbecue
July 28th: visit of a bakery - workshop: fruits - sport competition
July 29th: visit of "McDonalds" and "Bitburger" brewery - visit the city of Bitburg
July 30th: visit the city of Trier - guided tour - freetime and shopping - farewell dinner
July 31st: day of departure

Period of youth exchange

This youth exchange will take place in July 2008.
The prospective period will be July 22nd - 31st.

A preparation meeting with all leaders should talk place in May 2008.
Exactly dates: May 15th - 18th.

Location of the youth exchange

This camp will be located in 54636 Wißmannsdorf - Germany.

Größere Kartenansicht

This is a small village in the western part of Germany, the region is called Eifel.
The official homepage of the hostel is

You can also look up some pictures I made at my first visit:
Nengshof Wißmannsdorf

It is a nice hostel located in an old farm house. The hosting family opened the hostel in 2000.
There are nice sleeping places with hay beds and of course usual beds.

The most important thing is the very big kitchen. To do the workshops during the exchange it was absolutely necessary to find a place with a big kitchen.

So I like this place very much, hope you do so, too.

Youth Exchange in 2008

Hello everybody.

Right here you can find all public information about the youth exchange "Great Food - Where do noodles grow?" that will hopefully take place in the Eifel, the Western part of Germany.

We invited groups from all over Europe, exactly from Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Italy and Luxemburg.
Group leaders and also youngster could publish information, pictures and other things right here to share with everybody else.

There will also be a google group just for the organisation. Look to the links.

So far