Dienstag, 5. August 2008

July 31st - leaving day

So bye bye...

Great Food 2008 - international youth exchange ended!

July 30th - farewell dinner

On our last evening we had a special dinner in Meckel.
In the restaurant of Mr. Herrig they only offer food with products from the region.

So they offered us a four-course menu...

July 30th - visit the city of Trier

Our tour started with a guided tour at the Porta Nigra.

and ended at the "Kaiserthermen".

Afterwards there was some freetime for shopping and relaxing in the park.

July 29th - horse riding

In the evening we had the possibility to have a little walk on horses.
The special guided tour was a special offer of the Nengshof.

July 29th - visit of Bitburg Pils brewery

After that McDonalds lunch we went to the Bitburger Pils brewery where Dr. Brandl gave us a special guided tour and an introduction in the production of non alcoholic beer.

Thank you Bitburger Pils...

July 29th - visit of McDonalds

Mr Kogej, the restaurant Manager of McDonalds Bitburg, guided us through the restaurant an told us some important things about our favourite fast food restaurant.

I'm loving it...

And of course we had our lunch there...

July 28th - relaxing day

Actually we had a programm, some of us went on this morning to the bakery.
But everybody was so tired and lazy, that we decided to do nothing, just playing some games...

... a little leaders suprise :-)

Sonntag, 3. August 2008

July 27th - international brunch

On sunday morning we wanted to invit the people from the village and those who helped us in the preparation of the camp to say Thank you for your support.

Therefore we prepared an international brunch where we offered that food we made byself during the week and prepared special food from our guest countries as well as country presentations of all participants.

July 26th - workshop: bread

Next to our two visits to the bakery "Mühlenbäckerei Schüller" in Brecht where everybody made his own bread we had also a workshop where we made baguettes and special types of bread.

July 26th - workshop: milk

The day before on the farm we saw where the milk comes from.
But today we learned what to make with milk in addition to drink it.

In a first and very long step we tried to seperate the cream from the milk. Therefore we put the milk one night in the fridge in very flat bowls.
The next day we siphoned the cream from the top of the milk.

That cream we used to make our own butter. Just mixed it or shakes it until the cream is getting corny and hard.

The rest of the milk we used to make a curd cheese. We heated the low-fat milk for several hours to 32° and then it became stiffly.

Now we just had to sieve it and we had a wonderful curd cheese that we also mixed with fresh fruits...

Really good food for our international brunch!