Dienstag, 29. April 2008

Preparation meeting

Hello leaders.

Our first meeting will be very soon. I hope that all of you can take part at this meeting.
The date for the meeting is: 15th - 18th of May 2008.

Please choose your connection that you will arrive on 15th in the afternoon or early evening.
16th and 17th we will plan, discuss etc. about the camp itself and visit some places.
Leaving day will be sunday 18th after breakfast (not before 10.00 a.m.).

Place of arrival:
The meeting will take place in that little village called Wißmannsdorf. Look also that post from december 9th below. That means for you:

Place of arrival for those who came via plane (I suppose Finland and Estonia) will be Luxemburg Airport. If this is to expensive you could also go to "Frankfurt" and then via train to "Trier". (Train from Frankfurt to Trier takes about 3 hours).

For those who travel via train (I suppose Hungary and Italy) please choose as place of arrival the train station of "Bitburg-Erdorf".

For those you will travel by car (I suppose Luxemburg), please look up your way byself :-) or just call me.

If there are any problems with your connection please call me or mail me so that we can find a solution very quickly.

Ralf Ollinger

Things you should bring with you:
At least you need a sleeping bag for that weekend.


Our project will be supported. So we are very happy and we are looking forward to welcome all of you here in Germany...